Nanette Natal - “Sweet Summer Blue
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If you’re expecting the bold flights of wordless vocalizing that have defined so much of Nanette Natal’s previous recorded work, proceed directly to Sweet Summer Blue’s seventh and final track, a lissome “I Got Rhythm” filled with those inimitable Natal touches. The balance of the album, comprising six original compositions, might wrongly be perceived as a new direction for Natal. In fact, they recall the earliest phase of her career, harkening back to her long-ago days on the coffeehouse circuit.

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Until fairly recently Mr. Castaneda’s trio featured the driving, kinetic drummer Dave Silliman and the resourceful trombonist Marshall Gilkes. In place of Mr. Gilkes in the current band is the Israeli-born saxophonist Shlomi Cohen, who played his soprano in silvery bursts, and seemed less like an integral part of the group.

The core relationship in this music was between Mr. Castaneda and Mr. Silliman — unless you count the bond between Mr. Castaneda and the harp.

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"Jazz cannot be limited by definitions or by rules. Jazz is, above all, a total freedom to express oneself." -- Duke Ellington Few modern jazz groups epitome more of Ellington's eloquence than the extraordinary, incomparable, and adventurous Edmar Castaneda Trio, with special guest Joe Locke. At first blush, it is difficult to conceptualize the probable voicing about to flow from such an eclectic and exotic ensemble, comprising of a Colombian Harp (Edmar Castaneda), flute (Itai Kriss), vibraphone (Joe Locke), and drummer/percussionist (Dave Silliman). But let me assure you that the music and presentation were rapturous and riveting, and the evening nothing short of enchantment. (click the link for the full article)

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"But there was also great stuff at the Arena...." "Edmar Castaneda’s short opening set took Diana Krall’s mellow crowd by surprise. Castaneda plays the arpa llanera, or Colombian harp, a diatonic instrument from which he snatches twanging, sweet, twittering, chiming, dense sonorities like nothing else in contemporary music. Castaneda’s trio with drummer David C. Silliman and trombonist Marshall Gilkes included the “resident artists” at Umbria Jazz, performed nine times, and were among the revelations of the festival."


FREIHOFER'S JAZZ FESTIVAL (Day 1) Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, NY June 24, 2006 ======================== Colombian harpist Edmar Castaneda and his unique, nearly inconceivable ensemble comprising of a trombonist who also doubled on cello and a percussionist delivered the "wow" factor at the festival...

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"2007 Panama Jazz Festival" review!!! "The most amazing and well received new sensation for Panamanian jazz fans was Colombian harpist Edmar Castañeda. It wasn't just him, however. The entire band, which included trombone player Marshall Gilkes, drummer Dave Silliman and the vocalist Andrea Tierra, played brilliantly, mixing innovative jazz forms---including some trombone work like you probably have never heard before---with Colombian traditional music. In a festival dedicated to a late great female vocalist Tierra, who did not play in the publicity, wowed the audiences at least as much as any of the other talented women who sang. The CDs this band brought to sell were quickly snapped up by the fans and Castañeda's group got the concert's biggest ovations.



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